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NTOG is published by (and an official trade name of)
GAW ontwerp+communicatie bv in Wageningen (


Frequency: 8 issues per year
Size:    210 x 297 mm portrait (A4)
Number of pages:    no less than 48
Print: full colour
Paper inside pages: 115 gram Silk
Paper cover: 250 gram Silk

Year 2022: 1950 adressed by post, 2000 printed

What's NTOG

NTOG is the official magazine of the Netherlands Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NVOG) en de Dutch Society of Perinatal Medicine. The objective of the magazine is to keep the members of the NVOG en other specialists in the field of gynaecology, perinatology en reproductive medicine informed of (scientific) developments in these fields. The magazine NTOG aims to achieve its goal by means of scientific publications, guidelines for quality assurance, an overview of conferences, conference reports and proceedings, comments, columns, features and special issues.
NTOG is issued ten times a year and consists of at least 48 pages.

Editorial staff

The editorial staff consists of:
J.W.M. Aarts, chief editor
J.W. Ganzevoort chairman editorial committee perinatology
S.J. Tanahatoe chairman editorial committee vpg
B.B. van Rijn, editor perinatology
F. Vernooij editor research in foreign magazines
R. van de Laar editor research in foreign magazines
F. Yarde, on behalf of the VAGO
A.A. de Ruigh, editor UNO
A.W.Kastelein,editor UNO
M.J.Janssen cartoons
A.C.M. Louwes, editorial support NVOG
V. Mijatovic

Previous issues

You will find pdf files of the most recent and earlier issues under 'Nieuwste editie' and 'Eerdere edities' on this website.


Members of the NVOG automatically receive NTOG.
Non-members can subscribe by sending an email to
The standaard subscription costs € 201 per calendar year. Students € 88,00
Subscriptions for outside the Netherlands cost € 305,00 per calendar year.

Publishing in NTOG

NTOG publishes in general articles drafted by her members. If you wish to contribute please contact the chief editor, Dr. Velja Mijatovic in advance e

Advertising in NTOG

Frequency: 8 issues per year
Size:    210 x 297 mm portrait (A4)
Number of pages:    no less than 48
Print: full colour
Paper inside pages: 115 gram Silk
Paper cover: 250 gram Silk

Year 2021: 1900 adressed by post, 1950 printed

Rates 2022             1x               4x               8x        

1/1 full colour        € 3,550       € 3,395       € 2,915
1/1 full colour        € 2,160      (job ads)
1/2 full colour        € 1,880       € 1,725       €   1,515
1/4 full colour        € 1,010       €    945       €      935
1/1 b&w                 € 2,125       €  2,055      €   1,780
1/2 b&w                 € 1,100       €   1050      €      945
1/4 b&w (SmPC)    €    275      €     265      €      245
Additional charge for cover 2           € 610
Additional charge for cover 3           € 240
Additional charge for cover 4           € 835
Inserts (per page A4)                       € 3,020


2022 Calendar for advertisers

Issue    release                reservation                  deadline material
Nr. 1     12 February        before 14 January         before 28 January
Nr. 2     19 March            before 18 February        before 04 March
Nr. 3     16 April               before 19 March            before 01 April
Nr. 4     28 May               before 29 April               before 13 May
Nr. 5     02 July                before 03 June              before 17 June
Nr. 6     01 October          before 02 September    before 16 September
Nr. 7     04 November      before 07 October         before 21 October
Nr. 8     10 December      before 11 November      before 25 November

Delivery of material NTOG advertisements

GAW ontwerp+communicatie
Generaal Foulkesweg 72, 6703 BW Wageningen, The Netherlands


Please deliver print ready advertisements as certified, high resolution, CMYK pdf-files.
If necessary, open documents of common graphic software (InDesign, Illustrator) may be accepted, supplied with all used fonts and linked files.

More information
For more information on advertising in ntog and making reservations, please contact by phone or mail:
Eelco Jan Velema
Kranenburgweg 144, NL-2583 ER  Den Haag, The Netherlands
gsm + 31 06 4629 1428


For more information in general

mr. Hans Dijkstra
GAW design + communication
Generaal Foulkesweg 72
NL-6703 BW Wageningen
gsm +31 317 425880

For more information on advertising

mr. Eelco Jan Velema
Kranenburgweg 144
NL-2583 ER  Den Haag
gsm + 31 06 4629 1428